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20 Video English communication


Đây là 20 video học đối thoại cơ bản nhất , chúc các bạn thành công !

Unit 1: Making a phone call


Unit 2: Visiting a friend


Unit 3: Greeting and Introduction


Unit 4: Breakfast Recommendation


Unit 5: Ordering the food


Unit 6: Check please


Unit 7: Meeting a friend


Unit 8: How is the car


Unit 9: About the train


Unit 10: A pair of shoes


Unit 11: Buying a phone


Unit 12: Directions to the toilet


Unit 13: Make an appoinment for later


Unit 14: Choosing a movie


Unit 15: What is coincident


Unit 16: Making a date


Unit 17: Going to the shop


Unit 18: Postponing


Unit 19: Passing a message


Unit 20: Making a conversation






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